Mount Everest Expeditions

1921 Mount Everest Expedition

Led by Charles Howard-Bury, the expeditions aim was to find a climbable route to Everest’s summit. The team included George Mallory, Guy Bullock and Edward Wheeler. On September 23rd 1921, Mallory became the first recorded British man to set foot on the Mountain.

1922 Mount Everest Expedition

Under Charles Bruce, this was the first serious attempt on the summit, and on May 23rd George Finch and Geoffrey Bruce reached 8,320 m (27,300 ft.) using oxygen on the mountain for the first time. Sadly, however, on 7th June seven Sherpa climbers were killed in an avalanche.

1924 Mount Everest Expedition

Howard Somervellleads and expedition on which Edward Norton and Howard Somervell attempt an ascent without oxygen. Norton sets a record of 8,570m (28,126 ft.) which is not surpassed for 29 years or 54 years by a climber without oxygen. George Mallory and Sandy Irvine die attempting to reach the summit.

1933 Mount Everest Expedition

Eric Shipton and Frank Smythe reach 28,100 feet on the 1933 expedition lead by Hugh Ruttledge. It was on this expedition that Wyn-Harris found an ice axe which belonged to Andrew Irvine, who had disappeared on the peak with George Mallory in 1924.

1935 Mount Everest Expedition

After being rejected in 1933 a 19 year old Tenzing Norgay was now incorporated in to the 1935 expedition as one of the Sherpas on this reconnaissance expedition which explored the western approaches to Mount Everest; the expedition was led by Eric Shipton and included Bill Tilman.

1936 Mount Everest Expedition

The Tibetan Government granted permission for Everest to be climbed by the British again but adverse weather conditions force Hugh Ruttledge's small team back down Mount Everest from the North Col at 23,000 ft. Eric Shipton is present on this small scale expedition.

1951 Mount Everest Expedition

Shipton leads an experienced team of mountaineers on this reconnaissance expedition which included Edmund Hillary, Tom Bourdillon and Mike Ward. The expedition discover the now famous route over the Khumbu Glacier. A route which was taken full advantage of for the 1953 Mount Everest Expedition.

1953 Mount Everest Expedition

At 11.30am on the 29th May 1953 Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first recorded people ever to stand on the summit of Mount Everest. Notable team members included: George Band, Alfred Gregory, George Lowe, Michael Ward, Thomas Bourdillon, Mike Westmacott, Charles Wylie and John Hunt.